no diss noscript

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An image of the html noscript tag with an html comment saying "less crappy alternative" Noscript has been a longtime friend of mine. We may not hang out all the time, but noscript has always been there with I needed it most. I feel noscripts shame when I invite it to come along in front of my dev buddies, noscript gets the cold shoulder. Noscript is like that person who everyone knows, for whatever reason, and no one wants them to tag along if you can help it.

People say “It’s a waste of time”, “It creates undesirable effects”, or “gasp” and to those people I say … phooey! Noscript has been around and partying since it was 1999 via HTML 4.01 and still carries  through in HTML5. It’s very useful and can be a great tool if used properly, like anything else.

When you are learning how to add JavaScript to enhance interactivity to your HTML, noscript can be a great way to keep your content looking snappy when your script can’t. Or here, no wait, yes, Say you have a form that makes calculations to the data entered, have your client side script for those on the fly calculations and the oh la la, use noscript to give you that server side alternative. No one likes to be left out, specially your visitors and especially <noscript>.

don’t burn it all for fashion

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The photographer Oliviero Toscani is at it again, this time taking pictures of 15 year anorexic Isabelle Caro for an ad campaign delivered for the clothing brand, Nolita. Nolita actually means “No Anorexia” which is an Italian clothing line brought to you by the fashion group Flash & Partners.

These shocking billboards were first posted for fashion week in Milan, Italy. At first people were tossing their pasta because they were forced to see a woman in such an ill state, but quickly saw what kind of an impact eating disorders have on our youth. Like his other work at first glance, Mr Toscani has a deeper message than exploiting a woman with the serious illness of anorexia. He is sending a message about a big problem in our world that neither he nor Isabelle want to cover up anymore: What it’s like for young women who fall victim to the stereotypes that are sold to them.

About half the women in America right now are on a diet and about half the amount of women that are dieting are men. Models usually average in at an Olive Oyl 5’11”, 117 lbs, whereas women who aren’t cartoons average at 5’4” and 140 lbs. The cherry on this empty sunday is that kids in the first through third grades feel they could be thinner. WTF ever happened to paint sets and telescopes?

So people, remember that you’re beautiful, even with the mole or however you were born. Although, if you do find yourself making bad choices because of someone you saw in a magazine, watch this. Now eat and be merry.

UPDATE: Please, a moment of silence for Isabelle Caro. This article originally published in 2007, she passed away late 2010.

try before you buy

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Have you had a hard time getting the guts to plaster on that body tattoo of Zeus challenging the vile Cerberus in Hades, wait no more. If you have an inkjet printer and time to design you too can temporarily deface your body in the comfort of your own home with printable tattoos. Why spend five painful years to complete that Irezumi when you could get the whole family in on the fun?