I Get Lost in Your Lives

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koobecaf morf kaerb aBack on June 20th I said on the books of faces that I was going to conduct a social experiment by not logging into my account for a month. The experiment was to gauge how relevant and useful a thing like Facebook is for me.

I deleted the application from all of my mobile devices. I flushed my credentials from my browsers and in case I had to scratch the itch, I had Twitter and Google Plus.

At first I had to get over my OCD actions of checking it in the morning, or when I wanted to see something, anything, all of the time. That was my first realization that helped me unravel my behaviors around this social network. I wasn’t checking it for any reason other than to see if there was anything personally addressed, waiting for me. Almost like when you check the mailbox and hope for a surprise letter from a friend, or family member. Instead all you received were bills and grocery store coupons addressed to “current resident”, which is similar to how I felt my experience with Facebook was turning into.

After a couple weeks into this I realized that my birthday was approaching and how that was a huge wrench to throw into my experiment. What did I do? OK, so I logged in all stealth like before the bowling party. (Mara called it) Who doesn’t want to feel a little special? Otherwise I continued on, but it was almost like quitting smoking cigarettes. I craved something I’m going to call “micro-reactions”. I realized that I was missing the ups and downs of everyones news all in one place. I was a little grossed out by myself there for a moment. Was I addicted to life drama, inspirational posters, and quotations from pioneers? Yes, yes I was. So I decided that that best medicine was to hang out with friends and find out what was happening in the real-real world, in the here-now-here-now instead.

Once I wrapped this up on July 20th I decided to log in and use Facebook as I used to. I didn’t miss too much. So while I was having these fits, spells, and vapors, everything was just as it was. I was sure I missed some things to laugh at, some accomplishments, and bad news, but I didn’t look back. No way. I’m living in the here-now-here-now now.

The conclusion, it was super awesome to get all of the behaviors around my social network usage in check. Is Facebook something that I find useful? Admittedly, I do. There’s a lot of rough, but there are those diamonds that make it worth it. Is it something I need to look at every time my hand comes into contact with a keyboard? Nay nay. Information and communication are precious things. Just because you can binge on the whatnot’s, who’s it’s, and where’s it’s doesn’t mean you should. Well, at least for me.

My challenge for you is to use your phone as a phone for a day, or a whole month! Use any device that connects you to the world to discover something new, like they did before the dinosaurs died. Did you indulge on a little peek? Call, or text your friend and tell them what you think of what you saw. Nothing shows more love and connection than kickin it and communicating with your buds IRL.

Super Mega Ultra Nav

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A graphic of the Super Mega Ultra NavigationRecently revealed at the Grand Opening of the Seattle ID meetup, I bring you the Super Mega Ultra Nav.

Based on rudimentary CSS and HTML, this example of front end fantasticaliciousness is intended for the wide eyed beginner to the powerful ninja dev. This little guy was built mobile first and responsive to screen sizes ranging from 240 pixels to 1024 pixels wide. The Super Mega Ultra Nav was built to be strong, sensitive, and respond to your needs, always looking ready for the situation. The magic is in the media queries and use of the :hover pseudo-class.

Let’s get real for a second. This solution is not awesome with old poopy pants browsers that I will refrain from exhaustively mentioning. Nor will this solution currently work without JavaScript on Android (as of July 3rd, 2012) as it does not support :hover in the same way mobile Safari does.

The delicious parts are that it’s an incredibly lightweight solution and that it was HTML5 ready before HTML5 was even a thing to fight over. Although the demo is set in a Summer theme it’s easy to manipulate it into something more suitable for your occasion. The structure is so simple it’s almost begging for more content. With that said, go fork this mutha over at the Super Mega Ultra Nav repository. I’ll be adding enhancements and making improvements to tighten up the user experience on a continual basis.

My super mega ultra message to you with this endeavor is to remember to push your most dependable resources to the max before you pounce on libraries, plugins, shivs, polyfills, whatever. Push your limits and keep it simple smarty.

Have a Darn Good Chrismiss with Jayson and Friends

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Have a Darn Good Chrismiss with Jayson and FriendsHave a Darn Good Chrismiss with Jayson and Friends was created because of a large influence from childhood memories of my brother Michael and I. We were typical brothers. We fought, stole from each other and didn’t like each others friends. Our parents however learned us at a young age the value of family and togetherness.

When we got along, Michael and I used to have a stereo that we would record “shows” on. There may be records of these still, hidden in the attic of my fathers home, who knows. Aside from this, Michael and I used to love Christmas. We would wake before our parents to unleash the stockings. These moments echoed and thus inspired me December of 2006.

I got together with some close and adorable friends to stir old memories and create new ones to share with everyone for years to come! The album features the amazing and gifted vocalists Jason Sharp, Josh Hartvigson, Spencer Thorson, Carey Ruhl, D’Arcy Harrison, Scott Riedy, Katie Coffman, Nathan Vance, Jennifer Yaman, Dan Garlington, Dan Dembiczak, Drew Stone, Adé and myself Jayson Potter.

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