no diss noscript

An image of the html noscript tag with an html comment saying "less crappy alternative" Noscript has been a longtime friend of mine. We may not hang out all the time, but noscript has always been there with I needed it most. I feel noscripts shame when I invite it to come along in front of my dev buddies, noscript gets the cold shoulder. Noscript is like that person who everyone knows, for whatever reason, and no one wants them to tag along if you can help it.

People say “It’s a waste of time”, “It creates undesirable effects”, or “gasp” and to those people I say … phooey! Noscript has been around and partying since it was 1999 via HTML 4.01 and still carries  through in HTML5. It’s very useful and can be a great tool if used properly, like anything else.

When you are learning how to add JavaScript to enhance interactivity to your HTML, noscript can be a great way to keep your content looking snappy when your script can’t. Or here, no wait, yes, Say you have a form that makes calculations to the data entered, have your client side script for those on the fly calculations and the oh la la, use noscript to give you that server side alternative. No one likes to be left out, specially your visitors and especially <noscript>.

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