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the Evil Queen giving Snow White a GMO labeled appleLet’s talk about food and genetics. Two subjects I’ve had lifelong experience with and so have you!

If you know me, this is needless to say, but I was an odd kid compared to most. I loved vegetables like brussels sprouts, okra, spinach, and tomatoes. Although I think back and I had a lot of positively influential experiences with food. At one point my Ma had a garden in the backyard and grew all kinds of things out there. I was given the gift of being able to understand the connection between insects, decay, soil, weather, seasons, seeds, the food that comes from them, and how seeds come from food again. Thanks Ma!

Genetics has always been fascinating to me since I found out what genes were. Fascination does not mean expert and I do not claim to understand anything about where we currently are with them. We are getting really good at mapping the data and finding differences and correlations, it’s true. I’m also sure we are getting “better” at splicing and modifying genes, but we don’t have as many years behind us understanding the long term effects of the changes made compared to how long it took a tomato to even become the tomatoes we know and love today.

I compare genetics to application development, except in application development we invented all of the parts to be able to make programs. In genetics I find that because we didn’t make all of the parts we are more likely to break the code. I’ve never found a program that didn’t have some kind of unexpected behavior. Since we are inherently error prone and we do not have the ability to handle errors in modified genetics, I don’t think it’s safe, or if it ever will be in my lifetime.

When it comes to government. It astounds me that America will move like molasses on so many things, but we are pushing label free GMO down everyone’s hatch. The Obama Administration is cracking the whip at the EU for not defining why they will not accept GMO, basically saying that they are just scared. The EU is not accepting GMO imports on the basis that they are not satisfied with the data, or the results we are providing. If you haven’t heard about the Supreme Court case of 75 year old soybean farmer Vernon Bowman vs Monsanto for patent infringement I wouldn’t be surprised. Just with these two issues alone I’m just not super impressed with our government on the issues farmers are facing, the education of food and understanding the effects of lab-coat-splice-dice GMO. Finding a non-GMO seed in this country is like finding a pit of diamonds, which is the home of a Unicorn made of caramel that poops non-GMO seeds.

Genes have already perfected genetics. When genetics no longer fit within the current system, the sequence is dropped. So basically if our food can’t fit within the system we are putting it in. Maybe we need to think about the system instead of forcing it, or it’s going to get dropped.

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