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An A-hole for @font-face Font Icons

Remember Webdings? Hell, remember Zapf Dingbats? Familiar with the Unicode Standard? Do you still find icons in your fonts to be so damn queer? Well I think you cray cray and I’m about to tell you why. History 1977 – Mr Hermann Zapf and the International Typeface Corporation were obviously ahead of their time creating a collection of […]

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in the genes

Let’s talk about food and genetics. Two subjects I’ve had lifelong experience with and so have you! If you know me, this is needless to say, but I was an odd kid compared to most. I loved vegetables like brussels sprouts, okra, spinach, and tomatoes. Although I think back and I had a lot of […]

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I Get Lost in Your Lives

Back on June 20th I said on the books of faces that I was going to conduct a social experiment by not logging into my account for a month. The experiment was to gauge how relevant and useful a thing like Facebook is for me. I deleted the application from all of my mobile devices. […]

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